10 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

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Web Developer Toolbar

The Web Developer toolbar for Chrome is the official port of the web developer extension for Firefox. It adds a toolbar button to the web browser with a large number of tools, although it lacks some of the features of the original Firefox version.

Developer website: http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/history/chrome

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Web Developer Extension for Chrome: Screenshot


If the web developer toolbar for Chrome is not for you, you could try Pendule, which completes the Chrome built-in developer tools with numerous useful tools for web design and development.

Discontinued app.

Pendule Chrome Extension: Screenshot

Firebug Lite

Another extension for Chrome which works in conjunction with Chrome developer tools and allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

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Firebug Lite Chrome Extension: Screenshot

Window Resizer

Window resizer extension resizes the web browser window to emulate various screen resolutions, which is useful to test a website layout on different resolutions. The resolution list can be fully customised to your needs.

Window Resizer Chrome Extension: Screenshot

Awesome Color Picker

A colour picker which uses a magnifying glass to pick colours from web pages.

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Awesome Color Picker Chrome Extension: Screenshot

Eye Dropper

Another chrome extension to pick colours from web pages.

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Eye Dropper Chrome Extension: Screenshot

Page Ruler

A simple and effective ruler to get pixel dimensions and positioning and measure elements on web pages.

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Page Ruler Chrome Extension: Screenshot

IE Tab

IE Tab emulates IE by using the IE rendering engine directly within Chrome. It can also run ActiveX controls. This extension can be useful to test web pages with different versions of Internet Explorer. Windows only.

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IE Tab Chrome Extension: Screenshot

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Simple Chrome extension that generates random Lorem Ipsum text (random dummy text).

Lorem Ipsum Generator: Screenshot

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Also availaible: JavaScript Errors Notifier, Clear Cache.


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