Firefox Add-ons for Website Design & Web Development

Keywords: internet, web design, webdesign, development, web site, website, Firefox, extensions. One of the strengths and uniqueness of Firefox is the almost unlimited number of extensions created for this particular web browser. We’re going to have a look here at some more useful extensions for web designers and developers.

FireShot (Free & Pro)

What does it do? FireShot is an extension for Firefox that captures, edits, annotates, organizes, exports and prints screenshots of your web pages. You can save your screenshots to disk (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP) or print, copy to clipboard, e-mail and send to external editor. There is also a ‘pro’ edition which offers more features and options, such as project management and multi-editor interface. Fireshot is also available as an Internet Explorer extension. How to use? See author website. Author Url:

IE Tab (Windows OS only)

What does it do? IE Tab uses the embedded IE engine within Mozilla/Firefox which allows you to see how your web page is displayed in Internet Explorer with just one click …and then switch back to Firefox. How to use? Right-clicking on links (contextual menu) or access it by clicking on the icon in the toolbar. Url (support):


What does it do? Free, secure, intuitive cross-platform FTP client for Firefox. How to use? See author website. Author Url:


What does it do? Powerful eye-dropper & colour-picker for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite (Seamonkey). How to use? See author website. Author Url:

Html Validator

What does it do? Displays quick HTML validation inside Firefox and Mozilla (displays an icon in the status bar while browsing). Author Url:

JavaScript Debugger

What does it do? Powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Mozilla based browsers. How to use? This is a complex tool. Please visit author website for a detailed documentation. Url (support):   You can download Firefox here: Firefox offical website