6 Browsers Add-Ons for Screen Capture

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This popular Firefox extension adds a right click option to take screenshots of a web page or just a specific portion of it. Abduction! is a simple and effective tool.

Browsers supported: Firefox

Abduction! screen capture add-on page on Mozilla’s website:  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/abduction

Support site: http://github.com/rowan-lewis/abduction/tree/master

Licence: MIT/X11 licence

Price: free


Shooter is another simple Mozilla Firefox only screen capture add on which integrates into the status bar and allows you to take a screenshot of a webpage, including the part of page that is below the fold, or a specific portion of it.

Browsers supported: Firefox

Shooter screen capture add on on Mozilla’s website: this add-on is now discontinued.

Licence: GNU General Public Licence (version 3.0)

Price: free


Screengrab is a popular and simple Firefox extension, allowing you to save full web pages as images, to a file or to the clipboard.

It is possible to save the entire page (including the part of page that is below the fold) or a selection. Flash and Java are supported, provided both are properly installed on your system.

Browsers supported: Firefox

Screengrab screen capture add on page on Mozilla’s website: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/screengrab

Google Groups page (for feedback, technical issues or suggestions): http://groups.google.com/group/screengrab

Licence: GNU General Public Licence (version 3.0)

Price: Free

Screen Capture

An easy to use Chrome extension to take screenshots of a web page or just a specific portion of it. Some basic editing tools are provided (highlighting, redacting and adding text). You can also share your screenshots in Picasa Web or Facebook.

Browsers supported: Chrome & Chromium.

Licence: BSD Licence

Price: Free


Lightshot is available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. There is also a stand-alone application (for Windows only).

In just 2 clicks, Lightshot allows you  to take screenshots by selecting the area with the mouse (the selection can be moved or re-sized easily) and click on save.

Screenshots can be saved locally, copied to the clipboard or uploaded to your web space. Screenshots can then be edited online using the comprehensive Pixlr editor.

Browsers supported: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer / available as stand-alone application

Lightshot screen capture add on page on Mozilla’s website: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/lightshot/

Lightshot add-on page on Chrome Web Store

Lightshot on YouTube

Support site: http://lightshot.skillbrains.com

Licence: custom licence

Price: Free


Fireshot is available for Firefox but also Sea Monkey, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and even the email client Thunderbird!

Fireshot  is a very comprehensive tool which also includes a powerful editing workspace. Users can edit in may ways but also organize and upload their screenshots to social media services or  photo-sharing websites. It is possible to capture entire web pages (with or without the web browser window), visible area or capture selections. There is also the possibility, in Firefox only, to capture all tabs at once.

Editing your web page screenshot is easy thanks to the graphical tools provided: shapes (rectangle, ellipse, pointers and even freeform drawing tools) are all provided. There is a crop and fill tool as well as several other useful editing tools such as Gaussian blur, color inversion, grayscale conversion or glowing edges effect.

As well as saving screenshots locally, copying them to the clipboard, emailing or printing them, they can published  directly to social media services such as Facebook or photo-sharing websites (Flickr, Picasa, ImageShack) and even uploaded to your web space through FTP. Picture quality can be finely tuned with an easy to use slider which adjusts the image compression before you upload, save or email them. Fireshot isn’t free but it’s a powerful tool.

Browsers supported: Firefox, SeaMonkey, Chrome, Internet Explorer / Thunderbird email client

Demo version (30 days trial) for Firefox is available directly from addons.org: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fireshot/

Demo version (30 days trial for Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey or Internet Explorer) can be downloaded on the publisher’s website: http://screenshot-program.com/fireshot/demo.php

Licence: custom licence

Price: please visit publisher’s website.


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