Web Development Tools: HTMLPad Review

Version tested: HTMLPad 2011

Keywords: HtmlPad review, HTML editor, text editor, web development, coding, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, Perl

Summary: HTMLPad is an all-in-one (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and and server side script editor for the Windows OS. It incorporates a large number of integrated tools which allow web developers to validate, reuse, navigate and format their code.

Main Features:

  • Project management
  • Multiple document interface
  • FTP connectivity
  • Preview mapping
  • Fully customizable text editor
  • Customizable keyboards shortcuts
  • Built-in real time preview (Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox)
  • Syntax highlighting: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, XML, Perl
  • Code collapse
  • Built-in CSS editor
  • Built-in JavaScript editor
  • Code Auto Complete: HTML tags, CSS
  • Code Inspector for HTML tags and CSS
  • CSS Selector creator and browser
  • Various validation tools (HTML Tidy, CSE HTML editor…)
  • Personal Code Library (collects frequently used pieces of code so you can reuse them later and save time) .
  • Powerful search & replace function with regular expression support
  • Spell Checking
  • Color picker
  • Multi-item Clipboard
  • Macro recording
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • UTF-8 and UTF-16 Unicode support


  • HTMLPad A very advanced and highly configurable text editor
  • Lots of features for the money
  • Clean and convenient interface
  • Light, fast and stable



  • Search & replace in files could be sturdier.

HTMLPad 2011 - screenshot


Publisher: Blumentals Software

OS: Supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Price: visit Blumentals software website. 30-use free trial version of the HTMLPad 2011, is also available.

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